The loss in sensitivity is widely considered to be a side effect of aging. Nevertheless, guys as young as their teens and also early twenties, as well as more mature men, usually report a lack of sensitivity. In most cases, the problem has an effect on just certain parts of the organ. However, some individuals can experience little or no in the way of tactile stimulation, which makes it challenging for them to enjoy sexual activity.

Nerve damage refers to as neuropathy. Diabetes and also several sclerosis are among the diseases that result in nerve damage and can have an effect on feeling in the organ.

Irregular flow of blood to the organ can cause difficulty achieving satisfaction (coming), even though this is commonly also linked to difficulty achieving an erection. Furthermore, stress and anxiety can affect one’s potential to achieve satisfaction. For this reason, it is vital for you to consult your physician to aid figure out possible causes in your case.

Good organ sensitivity is an indication of good healthiness. However, what if a man finds out that he has lost a bit of his valued organ sensitivity? What exactly can he do to correct this predicament?

The tips below can come in helpful to over LOSS OF SENSITIVITY IN MALE ORGAN

1. Quit smoking. Sincerely, smoking is bad for health on all sides, so it is on top of many health tips lists. However, it does appear that smoking also plays a role in the loss of sensitivity. To cut it short, smoke is a toxin. When the body cells come into contact with the toxin, they swell up while white blood cells try to fight. All of this leads to thickening of the blood, which negatively affects blood flow to the organ.

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2. Be easy: Usually, loss of sensitivity is caused by peripheral nerve damage as a result of rough handling of the tool. It may imply that a man’s spouse may have to pull back a little (or make use of more lubrication), or even it may imply that the man has been pleasuring himself (self-servicing) too assertively (without lubrication).
A lot of guys practice the “death grip” as they self service- thoroughly choking the organ hard, leading to damage to the sensitive nerves. Readjusting the grip might be important to allow sensitivity to come back.


3. Exercise before intercourse: One reason a man may suffer from a decrease in sensation is that he is not getting sufficient flow of blood to the organ. Staying fit and working out, in general, can help here, however, for some men, it is beneficial for sex. Exercise will help blood circulate more completely through the whole body, to ensure that when the sex begins, it is more available for the engorged organ. Consequently, this often makes the organ’s nerve endings feel a lot more sensitive.

4. Help from Therapist/Psychotherapist: Psychological issues- Men who are going through relationship problems or even have experienced sexual-related trauma- or perhaps those who have been brought up in homes where sex was treated as a taboo- may develop psychological restraints that slow down penile sensation. Some help from a sex therapist or perhaps psychotherapist may be beneficial in this case

5. Attempt sex on an empty tummy. Some doctors theorize that having intercourse shortly after eating may adversely impact organ responsiveness. The thinking is that recently-consumed meals are in the digestive system, being broken down and also utilized – which requires blood. Diverting blood to digestion of food can make less available for penile blood flow, and that might cause the organ to feel much less sensitive.

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