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Causes to hair loss in women- As a lady ever experienced this condition? If you happen to be among those ladies with this condition, you can re-grow your brittle,  Dull hair with the aid of a fantastic hair restoration procedure known as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)- a therapy for hair repair. However, it is better if you understand the root causes of the loss of hair. If you can understand the reasons, you may take a proper decision about the treatment of your hairs.

In this article, I will explain some causes that are liable for causing loss of hair for most of the women. But, there are lots of common reasons that are the reason for severe hair loss in men and women. However, the causes I will be discussing bring hair concerns in ladies.

Found out and be cautious if you have any of these causes- hair loss in women

Hair loss in women can be caused by the following factors below:

1. Disease:

Certain diseases cause loss of hair in both men and women. Diseases such as:

  • Lupus: in which the hair becomes brittle and fall out.
  • Thyroid problem and Cancer

2. Stress:

As we all must be knowledgeable already, our lives have become much more stressful. All of us experience it, and one of the means it can impact women is via hair loss. This can come in the way of emotional distress or nutritional pollution.

An extremely acidic diet can stress out the body’s defence mechanism particularly as you get older. This weakens the whole body, including the integumentary system (comprises the skin and its appendages- (hair, nails, etc.), resulting in hair loss.


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3. Improper Hair Care:

You have to come to an agreement that before you decide to plan for a hair treatment, you should know what a suitable approach to treating your hair. People put on lots of hair styles but possibly do not realise that tight hairstyles keep the hair pressurised for a long time. You apply various hair products without considering which of these products is ideal for hair or otherwise.

Possibly you are not aware that your shampoo or even hair colouring product can cause hair loss too. Should you be dealing with hair problems, consult your doctor or perhaps hair specialists to find out what is harming your hair.



4. Anaemia:

Anaemia is a condition that is caused as a result of low consumption of iron (iron deficiency). Women are more susceptible to anaemia because of heavy menstrual bleeding. Also, anaemia is caused as a result of low folic acid in our body. All of it means the low supply of oxygen to the hair follicles as a consequence of the small production of haemoglobin. And this will make your hairs start to fall off.

5. Nutritional Deficiency:

A lot of ladies desire to have a slim body and some of these women try to carry out a strong diet plan for this purpose. They possibly do not know that strict diet plans can cause the nutritional deficiency in the body system. Furthermore, a diet plan can cause sudden and also extreme weight reduction that severely affects the health of the hair.


6. Being pregnant:

Many ladies lose hair after the birth of a child. In pregnancy, oestrogen hormone is on its high levels however after the birth; the hormone level is at a normal level again. This decrease in the hormonal level can lead to the start of abrupt hair fall. Nevertheless, this stage is considered as a short stage by the specialists.

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7. The menopause:

When a lady gets to the age of menopause, she will deal with lots of changes in the body system. Severe hair loss is among these changes. A justification for hair loss at this point is the low level of oestrogen hormone inside the body. The symptoms can be lessened with good care or perhaps the recommendation of the professionals.

At this point, if you feel you have some of these factors, consult your medical professionals soon to bring changes to your hair. If you think, conditions are uncontrollable; you may go for Platelet-Rich Plasma hair therapy on your hair after which, you are going to have remarkable results.

For Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment, check out a hair restoration clinic. Wayne Rooney of Manchester United Captain England Made us of this same treatment a few years back when he has no hair in front to correct his hair loss.

Hair loss in women can actually be caused by one of the above listed.


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