Anxiety in children affects more than 2 million American Children. Anxiety is a prevalent psychological health condition, affecting lots of people worldwide. In the USA, around 30 million individuals are dealing with some anxiety disorder. In spite of huge amounts of funds that is pumped into the treatment of anxiety disorder, it remains a serious health woe globally.

Anxiety in children /kids is a part of childhood development. They are common and also usually affect 1 in 10 kids. This stage is usually safe and also treatable. Children who are afflicted by this problem do experience different conditions such as discomfort, fear, shyness and also a lot more.

Nearly all the children are scared of unfamiliar people or even places. It is normal for kids to feel clingy as well as terrified when split from their parents. However, when this fear persists for a long period, particularly in children over 6-years old, it could be an indication of separation anxiety disorder (SAD).

Symptoms of separation anxiety disorder in children

Although SAD can affect both kids and also adults, the causes resulting in the development of this condition may be diverse for both the age groups.


Listed below are some common symptoms of separation anxiety disorder in kids:

Extreme pain and also distress when split up from their primary caregiver.
Unwillingness to do anything whatsoever that takes them off from their parents or even caregivers.
Nightmares with regards to being split up from the fathers and mothers.
Inability to fall asleep without the figure of attachment nearby.
Making use of physical issues as a trick of not having to split from their mothers and fathers

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What causes anxiety in children?

Anxiety conditions have several, complex roots. Genes are likely involved in causing anxiety, along with the home, the local community, school as well as other settings.

Listed below are some reasons behind anxiety in children:

Stress: Traumatic situations, for instance, changing schools, or even the disappearance of a close relative; including a house-pet, can cause separation anxiety disorder.

Change in the environment: In kids susceptible to separation anxiety, it is possible that lifestyle changes- like a brand new house, school, or even day care situation-could cause separation anxiety disorder.
Overprotective mum or dad. In some instances, separation anxiety disorder could be the manifestation of the parent’s very own anxiety-parents, and also kids can feed one another’s worries.
Dealing with anxiety

Anxiety once experienced regularly, makes it challenging for an individual to stay focused, motivated and positive. The earlier the treatment starts, the better the result can be.



The 2 treatments that help children are cognitive-behavioral therapy and also medication.

1. Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), is a form of talk therapy which has been technically proven to be effective in dealing with anxiety disorders. Cognitive-behavioral therapy teaches techniques and also skills to your kid that he or she can utilise to reduce his or her anxiety.

2. Medication

Prescribed drugs can be helpful as a remedy for anxiety conditions. Also, they are often used along with therapy. A study discovered that a blend of CBT and also an antidepressant functioned better for kids of age 6-17 years compared to either treatment alone.

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4 Alternative Effective Ways of Treating Anxiety in children and adults

1. Reading books:

Reading of books is fulfilling, be it for enriching the knowledge base or perhaps for pacifying an agitated mind. Therefore, inevitably, anxiety can certainly be driven away by flipping through a few pages of an excellent book.

2. Doing house chores:

House chores can be tiresome and also cumbersome, which is not even close to being enjoyable. Thus, a person wonders just how it can cause relaxing effects to a nervous individual. However, they do. Amazingly, a couple of jobs at home can work as the cure for anxiety. Tasks which include recurring actions such as ironing clothes or even polishing footwear can take the mind off upsetting thoughts and also bring immediate relief from anxiety. Being Idol is bad, always try to get busy to take your mind off some depressing issues which might cause anxiety

3. Petting an animal:

It is just like a therapy when someone pets an animal like a dog. Dogs are excellent stress busters and also staying with your pet dog can be comforting. It has been proven by past researchers that chilling with a dog relieves anxiety, decreases blood pressure levels as well as beats anxiety disorder.


4. Feigning a smile:

A smile produces physiological and also mental benefits which help in defeating anxiety. The facial muscle tissue utilised during a smile are connected with the human brain. Therefore, when someone puts on a smile, it signals the brain to be happy as well as one instantly feels delighted. An instantaneous feel good factor is produced as well as the attention is taken away the stressful issue.

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