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Hair Loss During Pregnancy, Causes And Home Remedies


Ever experienced Hair Loss During Pregnancy? The loss of hair can have adverse impacts on a lot of women, particularly when the condition appears to be going from bad to worse each day. However there are many solutions nowadays, every individual takes great pride in in his or her natural hair so when it starts to cut it’s okay to start getting worried. Fortunately, despite the fact that there are lots of factors resulting in hair thinning, you can reverse the effects products that can counter it.

Common Causes of hair loss

1. Heredity: Heredity affects the age at which a person starts to lose some hair, the rate of the loss of hair along with the level of baldness.

2. Hormonal changes (PREGNANCY)- Hormonal changes and also fluctuations can cause short-term loss of hair. Ladies normally drop a lot more hair 2 or 3 months after birth as a result of the secretion of extra estrogen hormone while pregnant. The thyroid gland affects hormone levels. Therefore, thyroid conditions might lead to it. HORMONAL CHANGE can cause Hair Loss During Pregnancy.

3. Medicinal drugs- Hair thinning can be as a result of medicines used for the treatment of depression, most cancers, joint disease, heart disease, high blood pressure levels and also birth control. Chemotherapy destroys quickly separating cancer cells on the other hand at the same time it may also damage fast dividing cells such as hair. Consumption of an excessive amount of vitamin A may cause it too.


4. Scalp infections- An unhealthy scalp can cause inflammation, leading to loss of hair. Skin problems that cause hair thinning consist of psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and also fungal infections like ringworm. As soon as infections are taken care of, hair grows back.

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5. Alopecia areata- Is an autoimmune condition wherein the defense mechanisms attacks the hair follicles. It takes place just as in males and female. The cause is unidentified. However, it may be the result of stress or even sickness.

6. Iron deficiency (anemia)- It is one of the fundamental causes particularly in people who do not take in iron rich meals. Since red blood cells carry oxygen (O) to the cells all over the body, follicles of hair are missing out on oxygen in individuals suffering from anemia.

7. Quick weight loss- a rapid weight reduction is a form of physical inconvenience that can lead to the loss of hair. Hair thinning together with a noticeable loss of weight may also be a sign of an eating problem for example bulimia or even anorexia.

8. Lupus- is a long term autoimmune disease wherein the body’s immune system strikes healthy tissues like skin and various parts of the human body. It can result in loss of hair. The problem affects approximately 2 million men and women in the USA and also often hit ladies in their childbearing days.

9. Deficiency of protein- If an individual is not obtaining adequate proteins in food plan, the body system may ration proteins by stopping the growth of hair. So a person should not disregard the adequate consumption of this essential macro nutrient. 

10. Over styling- Ladies you know that your hair style can significantly affect the growth of your hair? Strong styling and also hair remedies over time can cause hair to fall. As the practices can, in fact, affect the hair root, therefore hair might not grow back or be stunted.

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The loss of hair is a typical incident while being pregnant. Here are some remedies for hair loss therapy during pregnancy.

Hair Loss During Pregnany And Home Remedies, hair thinning, loss of hair


Some Home remedies for hair loss during pregnancy

i. Go organic

Make sure you use 100 % natural products for the decrease that may take place due to reactions and also skin problems of the scalp. Natural products are known to be ideal for individuals who have delicate skin. To avoid Hair Loss During Pregnancy it is advisable to go organic.

ii. Warm oil massage

Massaging the scalp by making use of warm oil plays a role in Hair loss Therapy in a natural way. Jojoba oil, Mustard oil, Olive oil are some of the required nutrients to the scalp. Caressing the scalp with the help of oil that is warm work well for dealing with hair fall while being pregnant.

iii. Antibacterial neem

Neem is known to be an effective herbal treatment that combat skin problems. Neem is a natural antibacterial substance that supports the controlling of the growth of bacteria. You have to make a gel of neem leaves as well as apply the on the scalp.

iv. Fresh coconut milk

Fresh coconut milk is another option with regards to Hair Fall Treatment method. You need massage cup of coconut milk into the scalp with fingers. Let it stay on the scalp for 15-25 minutes and also wash by making use of a good herbal shampoo or conditioner. Experts recommend using a fresh one.

Hair Loss During Pregnany And Home Remedies, hair thinning, loss of hair


v. Use Egg, Yogurt and also olive oil

Prepare a blend of egg, olive oil, together with yogurt and apply the concoction a minimum of once per week. It functions as a fantastic conditioner cure for the locks. Making use of this blend in pregnancy may be useful in the treatment.

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vi.The appropriate conditioners and shampoos

It is typical for the hair to dry while being pregnant. For combating the dryness, it is advisable to change to conditioner or perhaps hair shampoo that has greater moisturizing composition compared to the present one. You need to be picking products containing aloe vera, shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil and also avocado oil. Shea butter is useful for adding moisture and also to prevent breakage.

Coconut oil is advantageous in sealing the moistness content in the follicles. Aloe vera works well regarding this Treatment. Avocado oil made up of vitamins D, E and also potassium which are of great help for keeping up with health conditions of hair.

vii. Supplements

Health supplements play a vital role in the prevention of loss of hair. You can try using them along with natural home remedies. Adding the health supplements of zinc, vitamin C, E, B-complex, and also biotin work well for the Reduction of hair loss.


Hair Loss During Pregnany And Home Remedies, hair thinning, loss of hair

Also, take Note:

  1. Do not over brush the hair as it may lead to more damage.
  2. Do not make use of hair colors at the time of Hair thinning as they are comprised of unsafe chemicals, resulting in an excessive hair loss.



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