Effective Hair Loss Solutions

Effective Hair Loss; More than 20 million Americans struggle with hair loss. Although more prevalent in males, about 40% of sufferers are female. But regardless of gender, almost all cases of baldness (about 95%) are caused by genetic factors. In short, some people are bound to lose their locks from creation. That being said, there are few steps one can take to slow, cover, stop, or perhaps overcome the process. They are effective hair loss solutions.

Here are four proven hair loss solutions.

1. Transplant

Typically sought by affected individuals with advanced cases of thinning hair (baldness), transplantation is a surgical treatment carried out in a doctor’s office. The operation involves removing a section of permanent hair from the back of the scalp and using it to fill in areas with no or thinning locks.

Despite the fact that these transplanted strands in a little while fall out, about 60% of them will grow again, leading to a thicker, fuller hairdo. Because the surgery itself is performed by a doctor and takes many hours to complete, it can be quite pricey. It is common for patients to spend over $10,000 on the procedure. With that said, most folks are satisfied with the results.

2. Medications  

Even though there is absolutely no shortage of home cures, just 2 drugs known to be hair loss treatments by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Mino-xidil is a topical treatment that decreases or perhaps prevents alopecia in approximately 40% of users.
Affordable and also widely available, it is the only over-the-counter treatment for the common condition. The only significant downside for making use of mino-xidil is that it must be applied for a lifetime.

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The 2nd Food and Drug Administration-approved medication is a prescription pill known as fina-steride. Considered by some users to be slightly more effective than mino-xidil, it must also be taken indefinitely.  Please also note that fina-steride has not suitable for use by women. In fact, one study found it to be no more effective than placebo for female users. Some side effects of fina-steride are impotence, trouble having to come during intercourse, or loss of interest in sex, and abnormal coming, etc.

3. Hairpiece

Easily the oldest solution on our list: wigs. Wigs have been around since the ancient Egyptians. Just as they were back then, hair pieces are fashion accessories that can also be used to conceal total, substantial, even partial baldness. Affordable and easy to find, they can be purchased at most salons and even some drugstores.

4. Hair Extensions

Regardless of whether they are glued, clipped, sewn,  fused, or perhaps taped in place, extensions can also add volume to any hairdo. Although often applied for a fashionable effect, extensions can also be used to cover and conceal thinning areas and bald spots. But because some systems can damage remaining strands, it is important to tell your stylist that you are losing your locks. You can then choose the extension that will not jeopardize your natural hair.

All of the hair loss solutions I discussed here are open to any person struggling with alopecia. But, it is best if you Consult your doctor before carrying out any of the Effective Hair Loss Solutions.

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  1. Very informative article you have here. I'm really glad that I found it. Thanks for the tips on hair loss!

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  2. This rings quite true to me at the moment. I've lost quite a lot of hair due to ill health and I think it was way more noticeable to myself than others and it really knocked my confidence.

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