Using Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss

By the fermentation of apple extract (juice), Apple cider vinegar is produced. It is a natural solution for various health problems and also has been resorted to for a long time. It offers a lot with regards to weight loss. It assists to break down the complex fats and also carbs; lessens blood sugar level and cholesterol, and so on.

It happens to be a low-calorie natural supplement with a variety of nutrients and also active ingredients; vitamins, soluble fibers, antioxidants, minerals and also natural acids and also enzymes; that assists in to manage obesity. It is wise to be aware that apple cider vinegar in its undiluted (concentrated) form is a strong acid solution which should by no means be taken raw.

The human esophagus is not created to handle raw acidic substance and can get seriously destroyed. Therefore, it is sensible to dilute it with drinking water to ensure that the intensity drops. Furthermore, you have to monitor the dosage on a regular basis. Start out with 5-10 ml daily and also slowly increase it about 30 ml (about two tablespoons) daily. Going beyond 30 ml is not advised.

How Apple Cider Vinegar will help you to lose a few pounds:

• Lowers the blood sugar level

A rise in the blood sugar level enhances the hunger for snacks and also junk food which is a huge turn off should you be attempting to get rid of a few pounds. Based on research published in the Diary of Functional Foods, apple cider vinegar aids to decrease the blood sugar level. The participants who had taken eight ounces of water (blended with vinegar) before the meals documented low levels of blood sugar compared to people who didn’t.

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• Helps in blocking Carbohydrates

The days are gone, when it was claimed that carbohydrates are detrimental to health and well-being. The modern-day nutritionists recommend intake of carbohydrates regularly to achieve a balanced diet.

The starch in carbohydrates tends to promptly convert into glucose and also induce the release of insulin in your body. The insulin causes the storage of glucose as fat. Thus, consuming starchy food puts the body into the fat storage mode.
The acetic acid content found in vinegar interferes with the body’s capability to digest starch. It assists to reduce the storage of glucose as fat. In a period of time, this starch blockage activity will have an impact on the body weight.

• It  Helps to reduce Cholesterol level

Bile is a viscous yellowish fluid that is generated by the liver which helps to cut down the dietary fats and to dispose of the extra cholesterol along with other toxins from the liver. When there’s inadequate bile production, it will hinder the liver activity that may lead to building up of fats and also cholesterol to trigger weight problems. Taking 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar morning kick-starts the bile production to boost fat break down and also cholesterol decomposition.


• Controls the appetite

Apple cider vinegar has pectins- a form of soluble fibers that provide a feeling of satiety to cut the appetite for any the good reasons.

• It works as a diuretic and mild laxative in nature

Apple cider vinegar works as a mild laxative to speed up the elimination process and also be sure of regular bowel movements. Also, it has a diuretic impact to discharge the excessive stored water from the body system.

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• Promote body detoxification

Body detoxification means the extensive purification of the body to remove built up body wastes;  cholesterol, saturated fats, undigested food, and also disease triggering microbes. As a result of unwholesome diet and also the poor standard of living practices, the body metabolic process gets slow down as well as accruing of body toxins begins. The combined impact of the slow body metabolism and also built up body toxins would lead to obesity.
Apple cider vinegar is a detoxifying elixir- all-natural and also safe. It promotes digestion, accelerates the body metabolic process, minimizes constipation and also excretes surplus water from the body to detoxify the body from inside.

Preventive measures and possible adverse effects

Apple cider vinegar is a natural, risk-free drink for individuals of all ages. So consider below safety precautions to get the best benefits:

• Avoid drinking it on an empty stomach- as it might irritate the gut lining and also result in burning sensation.

• Dilute it enough- 1 teaspoon in a glass of water is a good ratio.

• As a result of acid content, over usage of apple cider vinegar can harm the esophagus tube. Also, it can bring about hypokalemia- a problem when the potassium in the blood drops below the needed level.

• Do not forget to rinse your mouth properly after drinking apple cider vinegar or else the acid in vinegar can deteriorate the tooth enamel. Furthermore, it can produce yellowish stains on the teeth.

• In the initial few days of intake, one can experience short-term symptoms like diarrhea, stomach cramp, heartburn or even headache. In most of the cases, these symptoms will disappear within a short time. Should the symptoms persist, stop taking it and consult with a health professional.


• Pregnant ladies, nursing mothers and also individuals with chronic health problems should seek advice from their medical doctors before consuming it.

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