Feet Health- What Your Feet Can Say About Your Health

Feet Health– Different human body parts such as the eyes, the tongue, the skin, and even your feet are sometimes excellent diagnosis tools—Reason— This is because they can help indicate or perhaps predict various health concerns.

A lot of people often pay no attention to problems with their feet unless of course, it becomes too severe for them to deal with. Your feet can, in fact, give indications that can potentially say much concerning the present state of your well-being. for example, certain signs on your feet can be connected to something common like nutritional deficiencies, or perhaps something as critical as a liver problem or diabetes mellitus. Unresolved feet challenges/problems can result in some unforeseen consequences which mean you may want to examine your feet for revealing signs and symptoms which may warrant you to visit or consult your health practitioner.


Sores that just will not heal

Wounds or injuries on your feet that do not appear to subside is a revealing sign of Diabetes mellitus. When there is minor cuts or scrapes, having diabetes prevents these wounds from healing and also might even worsen them since the high blood sugar levels result in nerve deterioration in the feet. Have yourself examined for diabetes mellitus and also consult a health professional for treatment.

Hairless feet and toes

Unexpected hair loss on your toes and feet can indicate inadequate circulation as it might imply that your legs are lacking a sufficient blood supply to maintain the growth of hair. Notwithstanding that having hairless feet might be suitable for some people, it might signify something a bit more serious conditions like an underlying vascular condition, at all times check yourself. However, over-shaving of one leg or foot can also cause this effect.

Frequent foot aches

It is not abnormal to get foot discomfort due to the strong contraction of a muscle tissue on your feet especially after exercising. Nevertheless, if you experience these aches much too often without a specific physical activity, it could reveal some nutritional inadequacies like calcium, magnesium or even potassium.
Note: Expecting mothers are more susceptible due to their raised blood volume and also decreased circulation to the feet.

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Dry and cracky heel

Having a dry, cracky skin around the heel or even on your foot may be a forewarning of thyroid problems. Given that the thyroid gland is liable for producing a variety of hormones that control certain components in the body, a dried up heel might signify that there is something inappropriate with your thyroid. Obviously, dry and flaky skin can also be a consequence of something far less severe like a change in weather conditions. But, if the dry skin on your foot is in addition to weight gain, vision problems make sure you consult your doctor

Frequent foot numbness

Everybody encounters numb feet occasionally particularly if you are on a long voyage (traveling) or sitting in a position for long, however, if it occurs on a regular basis for no obvious reason even while you are busy, it could reveal many different conditions. One, it may be as a result of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) which is due to plaque accumulation in the arteries on your lower region. It can also signify type-2 diabetes mellitus particularly if scars on your feet or leg take a very long time to heal or perhaps never heals.

cold feet

In a case where your feet virtually feel cold then it may mean thyroid problems. It happens more typically among adults above 40-50 years of age when the thyroid starts functioning sluggishly without you realizing. Cold feet that just do not get warm is the quickest sign however at a later date symptoms of hypothyroidism consists of weight gain, hair loss, depression, and fatigue.

Sunken toenails with spoon-shaped indentations

If you happen to observe that your toes’ nail beds are showing an abnormal, concave or even spoon-like shape, it may indicate you have iron shortage or anemia. It is due to insufficient hemoglobin, or even iron-rich proteins in the vascular system to effectively transport oxygen. Some other signs of anemia consist of pale nail beds on toes and fingers.

If you are observing any of this conditions, it will be best to consult a medical professional now .. .for healthy living.
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