Foods To Avoid For More Powerful And Stronger Erection

Do you miss the powerful and hard erections that you got as a teen?

Stronger Erection- The majority of men get poor or weak erections as they get older. Although there are men in their 60s and also 70s who are sexually energetic and can get stronger erection without a medical support, the majority of guys over 40 years of age experience erectile problem to some extent.
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As a matter of fact about20 million men in the United States, over the age of 20, suffer from the erectile problem. This includes old and also younger males. Millions of men worldwide are afflicted with erectile dysfunction. If you happen to be one such person, then take relief in the fact that there are many solutions to reverse erectile dysfunction, and also get optimum sexual health once more.

There are foods that if consumed in excess, can have an adverse effect on your sex drive, and shortly your sex life begins to suffer. While there are lots of food to eat like oysters, bananas, oily fish, ginger, cherries, and so on to improve your libido, there are also certain foods to stay away from.

Guys who consume more of the type of foods below may have a serious problem with their spouse in the bedroom. Nevertheless, this is not to state that the foods need to be completely avoided, but do not overeat or perhaps consume them in excess regularly.

 The Foods To Avoid For More Powerful And Stronger Erection

1. Fried foods: Too much Greasy foods do not do your sex life any good, Trans fats present in fried foods significantly lower the male sex drive. Consuming trans fatty acids also can result in irregular sperm production in guys and also interferes with woman gestation.
2. Diary: Dairy foods product such as milk, ice cream, cheese, etc.needs to be avoided especially before sex times to prevent penis weakness
3. Carbohydrates: Any refined carbs, such as those in bleached white flour are detrimental to your sex drive.They include bread, pasta and also snacks.
4. Diet Coke: In addition to being addictive, it is damaging to the body in a lot of ways. It can wreak havoc on your sexual life. The artificial sweeteners in it are terrible. Eating and also drinking any food that has artificial sweeteners like aspartame has an effect on your serotonin levels, which are essential to sexual enjoyment.
5. Alcohol: Taking too much alcohol may result in a drop in your sex drive, and also lead to a lot of problems for you in obtaining erections and also premature ejaculation.
6. Foods high in sodium (salt): A meal that contains high sodium can result in high blood pressure levels, which affects the heart’s capability to pump blood efficiently.
7. Sugary foods/Drinks: Sugar from sweets, fizzy drinks, ice-cream, energy drinks and so forth can break down your sex drive and also erection in a twinkle of the eyes causing you awkward moments with your spouse.

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