neck pain, crack your neck

Useful Tips On How To Crack Your Neck

Crack Your Neck- Many people do cracking joints very often just because of a lot of pressure on them. You feel tired, your limbs or body dilapidated, so you couldn’t move your parts of the body that cracking becomes a usual habit. You can crack neck, joints, toes, back or fingers also.

Are there any harms or benefits of cracking your neck? You probably don’t know how to crack your neck to bring benefits instead of injury to your health?  To go more detail, let’s stay in turn with us to figure out the answer.

What Is The Truth About Cracking?

Cracking joints means you put pressure on the capsules which are around joints. This tension makes these capsules stretching, which admits the fluid inside force tension on the joint. Then, the fluids pass into gas making a cracking sound. Cracking is not harmful at all, and it just does the regular joint’s function.

However, some theories show that the fluids surrounding neck joints will lubricate the joint’s movements and then the liquids form bubbles. The neck joints were moved enhancing the pressure in the bubbles and cause a popping sound.

neck pain, crack your neck
Senior man suffering from neck pain, isolated on white background

Crack Your Neck- Does Cracking Your Neck Have Any Benefits?

Cracking the neck will bring benefits to you depending on how to crack your neck. You can do with a right position and technique when asking for the doctor and chiropractor advice. They should give you how to do it safely and efficiently.

According to a qualitative study posted on January 2011 in ScienceDirect website, the research indicates that the chiropractic’s therapeutic is valuable for having cracking noise and releasing the ability to be heard this sound as well.

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Nevertheless, some persons do cracking their neck as a habit, and they love cracking the neck even though there was not any pressure to release. Why do they enjoy doing that? Let’s figure out the answer.

When cracking your neck, the pituitary gland will produce a substance called endorphin which affects relief the pain. That’s why after doing once you want to do more as your satisfied feeling of cracking your neck.

What’s About Side Effects of Cracking Your Neck?

If you practice and don’t know how to crack your neck correctly, you probably suffer from some unexpected effects:

  • Neck pain: cracking the neck too hard can reduce the level of neck’s mobility. Cracking your neck means frazzling the cartilages which surround the vertebrae. That fosters some signs and symptoms of arthritis coming soon including inflammation and pain due to pinching the nerves.
  • Osteoarthritis: when you crack your neck like a habit, you will put more stretching on joints that force the ligaments to move more than usual. Day by day, you continue cracking, and more and more pressures are placed on the neck joint. However, bone bridges intermediate to the vertebrae are influenced as well. Many things happening later will tell you a risk of osteoarthritis.
  • Stroke: some recent studies show the link between neck cracking, and stroke is not small. People under 60 have a danger of stroke if they do habitual neck cracking. Doing cracking more and forcefully can damage blood vessels, which can cause bleeding or take the form of blood clots in your brain. Blood clots may cause stuck blood circulation and prevent air exchange to the brain. After all, a stroke happens leading death maybe.
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When Will You See The Chiropractor?

If you don’t experience any abnormal signs of pain or discomfort when cracking your neck more often, you don’t need to see doctor or chiropractor at all.

However, seeing medical help if you have any of these signs or symptoms:

  • Swelling of the neck manifests fluid can be built up, damages or infection
  • Neck pain for a long time and you don’t know about the causes
  • Level of joints’ movements is decreased probably tell you about osteoarthritis.

The chiropractor helps your control wanting to do cracking the neck and show how to crack your neck correctly. He schedules how to changes your habits, for example, exercises, which can reduce more pressure or pain in your neck. If you have problems such as osteoarthritis, stroke or any side effects of neck cracking, remember to keep your neck stable and don’t move your neck until seeing medical care.

Can You Help Yourself at Home?

Having a healthy lifestyle is very important to avoid much pressure and relax your neck. If the feeling wants to do cracking neck is average, or you can control the habitual cracking the neck, you can try to do some simple ways every day:

  • After a long time working, your neck is held in a position which prevents the movement of the muscles and the neck. You can exercise by lowering your head slowly until your chin touches your chest. Keep this state as long as you can and then release. Avoid moving your neck suddenly.
  • When the joint and muscle injury are causing neck pain; You can gently massage your neck to reduce pressure, improve your blood circulation and be an active ‘painkiller’ also.
  • Don’t keep the same position for a long time, make a movement or a weal exercise every 30 minutes.
  • Utilize a cold pack with the shelter of cloth and put into your neck can affect. If you can’t go to see a doctor immediately, you can apply this way several times a day to reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Don’t try to use a warm therapy instead of a cold one if you have swelling or redness.

You can try some of this ways at home to manage your condition, but if it is unhelpful and you have more trouble with the practice that, go to the doctor as soon as you can.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, cracking the neck has both effects and side effects if you don’t know how to crack your neck efficiently. Therefore, try to have a healthy lifestyle not being so lazy to exercise. Try to find down your problem soon and see your doctor before doing something as you can.





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  1. I don’t know if I would be brave enough to try doing this on my own, although I could probably really use it! I might give it a go and see if it makes me feel better.

    1. Thank you for reading my post. If you want to try it please start gradually until you feel you are comfortable doing it

  2. For someone working 8 hours in front of the computer and few other after work, this is really helpful. I remember being little and my mum used to say: Don`t crack your neck too often as you`ll damage your back. She knew something,

  3. Blair villanueva

    I do crack my neck every hour especially when i got so busy with work in front of my desk. It was relaxing and give temporary relief. But if you dont know how to do it properly, it could be dangerous.

  4. I personally have heard from my doctor that cracking your neck can cause arthritis, just as cracking any of your joints can do. I can’t do this because I suffer from three herniated discs and spinal canal narrowing in my neck. I do know a few people that crack their neck though, so this may be helpful to them!

  5. I don’t think this is something I would ever feel comfortable doing to myself but I know many people find it helpful.

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