Collagen Drinks

Can Collagen Drinks Make A Person Look Younger?


As we already know that collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in our body as our bones gain its strength from this protein and also our skin looks vibrant. Collagen helps in maintaining the elasticity of the skin, thereby enhances the vigorousness of the skin.

Collagen production declines with age and hence to compensate, we require alternative supplements. To keep their skin healthy, people use collagen supplements such as collagen drinks, but the primary question of concern is that do these drinks indeed claims to have anti-ageing properties? Let’s have a look.

Collagen Drinks


Collagen drinks are the collagen supplements in which collagen is present in the hydrolysed form. Hydrolyzation refers to the breaking down of the collagen so that it can be easily mixed into hot and cold liquids. Hydrolyzed collagen is a better form of collagen as it can be easily digested and the body can quickly assimilate it. Hence, hydrolysed collagen can get absorbed into the bloodstream and boost collagen in the inner layers of the skin tissue.


Collagen drinks work as a better supplement as compared to the other collagen pills or tablets, chewable, capsules etc. It is because these pills get through the stomach without breaking down, but collagen drinks contain collagen in an already dissolved form. Hence it can easily assimilate into the bloodstream. Also, collagen drinks are easy to carry because they are available in small bottles.

Collagen drinks are more potent than other forms of collagen supplements, so it contains a higher amount of collagen. The collagen drinks have shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles of the skin in women. Thereby, we can say that collagen drinks have proven to be very effective in anti-ageing treatment.

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Some research has suggested that collagen drinks contain various nutrients that play a role in the formation of collagen. Another research came up with a conclusion that it is not only the collagen drink that helps in the anti-ageing treatment instead of other factors such as healthy diet, physical exercise, and proper care of the skin also plays a part in keeping our skin healthy. The collagen drinks, according to various studies have not proven to be much effective in the anti-ageing skin treatment.


Also, if the collagen drinks would have been such promising collagen supplements and have good results, then many doctors and other dermatologists should sell these drinks in their clinics, and their use must have increased to a greater extent, but that is not the case.
Doctors have not found these collagen drinks that reliable and they have not found satisfactory results after clinical trials. Also, various researchers have done randomised testing, but they couldn’t differentiate the changes other than the various external factors such as changes in hormonal balance, stress level, lifestyle changes such as alcohol consumption and smoking, exposure to sun and the effect of these factors on the skin.

Other scientists have claimed that taking collagen supplements orally have a very minimal effect on the skin and that result is almost temporary.



It should be noted that it is almost impossible to reverse the process of ageing as it is a natural process. But improvements in the skin can be made by using the supplementation of collagen. Collagen Drinks are considered to be one of the alternatives to use for anti-ageing treatment. But the research has shown mixed responses. One should always think all the aspects while going for taking any collagen supplement for the improvement of skin related issues.

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5 thoughts on “Can Collagen Drinks Make A Person Look Younger?”

  1. How interesting, this is the first time I’ve heard of drinks with collagen in them. At our house, we eat and cook a lot with homemade bone broth. I can definitely tell it’s made a difference in the way my skin and hair look. x

  2. Its interesting as I have always wondered if these drinks work. On the one hand I use collagen based creams and swear by them, I have seen a reduction in lines and wrinkles over the last few years but as you say if doctors have not found the drinks reliable and they have not found satisfactory results after clinical trials then maybe they arent so good. Only one way to find out I guess!

  3. Collagen drinks for maintaining the elasticity of the skin? Well, that sounds nice. It is good that you’ve properly laid out the fact that the collagen drinks will not 100% reverse the process of ageing since people can mistake that. Anyway, it is such a nice recommendation for skin care I can agree.

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