cooking often

How To Save Money And Stay Healthy By Cooking Often

Having a nine to five on weekdays can drive your stress levels high, then you start thinking of what to eat when you get home. Instead, you just end up buying food in the nearest eatery and then spend a lot. You then tell yourself you are deserving of a good meal because of the stress you went through hours earlier.

cooking often

Remember no one says that you don’t deserve good food, but if you want to save money, you can have saving and eating good food work in your favour. In this content, we will be talking about tips that can help you save money when you cook.

People say cooking takes a lot of your time and energy, basically, working class people don’t have time for that. But don’t you worry these tips below are practical and relatable.

How To Save Money And Stay Healthy By Cooking Often

  1. Stock up on grocery for the week:

Going to the market or mall to shop for what you will eat during the week is very important, once you build up this routine it becomes a part of you. Before you go and start buying things randomly because you feel you might need it first of all you need to think of what you would like to have during the week and buy just what you will eat. This stops you from buying things that are unnecessary.

  1. Have a meal prep:

After planning your food for the week, during the weekend maybe on a Sunday afternoon, you can cook what you would like to have during the week and cook using your double oven gas range in large quantities but not too large and then portion the food into small containers. You can make spaghetti, your favorite Nigerian soup and freeze your food in your single meal containers. Remember when you cook in large quantities and keep it all in one container, the freshness of the food decreases when you warm everything over and again with your electric range. So it is best to always store your food in plenty single serving containers.

  1. Buy in wholesale quantities:
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Buying in bulk helps you save more than you realize imagine going to market and buy a whole carton of cereal in market for few amount and buying just a single box of cereal for $5 in ShopRite. The difference is clear.

  1. Purchase fruits:

We have no excuse for saying that we don’t eat fruits why because fruits are sold everywhere, even on the streets there are mallams with a wheelbarrow cutting fruits but since we are on the money saving side we could buy them in the market cut them and put into small containers which can be eaten during the week. You can also go creative by mixing more fruits to give you fruit salad. If you think about it when you buy a whole watermelon it cost about  2$ but when you buy a slice it cost about 30 cent and that isn’t even close to â…“ of the whole you would have gotten

cooking often

  1. Cereals, oats, and pap (maize search):

These are breakfast go to ideas and they don’t take much time. Cereals just require milk, oats are now instant and pap can be cooked in the morning if you have a little more time. Having breakfast at home prevents you from buying unnecessary things when you get to the office because by that time you are willing to spend anything to feed your hungry stomach.

  1. Buy frozen vegetables:

Studies have shown that frozen vegetables tend to have more nutrients than regular vegetables because the immediate freezing when it is cut helps to preserve its nutrients while that of regular vegetable nutrients will not be as much because of the transport and other conditions it is being exposed to before it is cooked. Frozen vegetables help to quicken cooking time because it is ready to be cooked and you have skipped the peeling and cutting stage of example a carrot or potato. A lovely way frozen vegetables can be cooked is by spicing them and tossing them into the oven and there you have it cooked vegetables.

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Cooking your food is a strong, healthy option because you know what is going into what you eat and then don’t end up eating what someone else put in your food that you have no idea about. This helps you control what you eat perfectly giving you a healthy edge. It is also very economical, and you can save a lot of cash.


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