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9 Best Tips to Stay Healthy this Monsoon

monsoon, stay healthy this monsoon
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Tip-Tap of rain is the most melodious of sounds, and the drizzling and thundering of rains have an aura of their own. Monsoon in India brings a feel so unique that everyone falls in love with it. However, our health needs a revamping to cope up with the side-effects of the rainy season. Cold, cough, seasonal fever, stomach disorders, skin & hair problems and poor digestion are a few troubles we would like to subtract from the pure excitement of monsoon days.

monsoon, stay healthy this monsoon

Why monsoon brings health hazard with it?

Rain puddles, stagnating water, poor sanitation, damp weather and lack of sunlight offers a breeding ground to bacteria, virus, and mosquitoes. This results in the rampant spread of infections and related diseases. Some common health concerns during monsoon are listed below.

Common illness during rainy season includes respiratory tract infection, pneumonia, dysentery, hepatitis, cholera, polio, typhoid, and others. Malaria and typhoid are the most common diseases leading to high mortality in this season. Children with weak immune system develop mumps, measles, sore throat, and runny nose. Waterborne diseases include diarrhea and dysentery. Asthmatic and diabetic people have a tough time due to drop in temperature.

Apart from taking the regular health precautions during monsoon, there are a few tips to enhance your immunity and digestion during the rainy season.

Digestion and Immunity Boosting Drinks

Home-made soups with Indian spices:

Try having some hot soups like carrot, corn, or beet soup with added garlic, ginger, and black pepper to fuel your body with the required heat. They are good for your immunity as well.

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Tulsi water:

When you are shifting to warm water for this season, give a healthy add-on to this with the basil leaves. Add Tulsi leaves in the water and keep sipping the same anytime you drink water.

monsoon, stay healthy this monsoon

Ginger-cinnamon tea:

No matter you are preparing a black tea or milk tea, add cinnamon powder and crushed ginger to it. It doesn’t only boosts the immunity but also improves the digestion.

Clove-honey tea:

Cloves are a great treat to infections. For any stomach infection altering the bowel movement, clove tea thrice-a-day works wonderfully. Add crushed cloves in water and let it boil till the water reduces to half. Filter, add honey and drink. This also works as an antibiotic in some instances.

monsoon, stay healthy this monsoon


Warm water with mint:

Always drink warm water. It not only soothes your throat preventing tonsillitis and sore throat, but it also improves your digestion. Adding some mint leaves can work wonder for your GI health.

Turmeric milk:

End your day with a cup/glass of warm milk with a quarter spoon of turmeric in it. The anti-inflammatory properties of this golden herb boost your immunity while keeping throat infections at bay.

Healthy Food in Rainy Season

Monsoon season fruits:

It includes pears, plums, jamun (Syzygium cumini), pomegranate, and bananas. These fruits with different vitamins, anti-oxidants, and minerals can boost your immunity to shield against the diseases floating around.


It can be an excellent fit for evening snacks in the rainy season. Squeeze some lemon juice, cut some tomatoes, add green chilies or pepper powder and have sports in the evening. It is also the best escape from oily, spicy, and fried evening snacks.


monsoon, stay healthy this monsoon



Almonds are an excellent addition to your monsoon diet. Low in fat, crunchy almonds are packed with required nutrients to fuel your body even when you are on dieting. It is good for diabetic patients as well to keep away from seasonal diseases.

Precautions and tips to stay healthy in monsoon:

Any season needs you to be watchful and careful about your health. However, monsoon requires a little more effort to ensure that you and your family is shielded against the monsoon health hazards. The food we eat in monsoon, the way we dress up, monsoon snacks and fruits, and other factors matter a lot in your overall health during this season. Below are a few tips for better monsoon health.

Keep your nails trimmed and feet always dry. Do not enter any air-conditioned premise if your clothing is wet. Use insect and mosquito repellents at home or sleep inside a mosquito net. People with low immunity, allergy to cold, asthmatic or diabetics should not sleep in houses with damp walls.  Keep your ears covered if you are staying out for too long on a rainy or windy day. Avoid street foods, spicy and oily food.

There are some flu prevention shots and anti-malarial drugs which can keep you safe from the attack of monsoon illnesses. Make sure to seek medical advice before going for them. To get the right advice about preventive medical intervention, Find Doctors near you & Schedule an online appointment now. In case of severe symptoms, don’t delay a visit to the doctor, as it can result in serious consequences.

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Take care of yourself and enjoy the rains. Monsoons are melodious!


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