swollen lips, swollen lips allergy

Top Home Remedies for Swollen Lips Allergy

Every girl dreams of having pouty lips that look fuller. But, sometimes it happens that your lips may swell up unnaturally and cause swollen lips. It looks quite weird and disgraces the overall look of your face.

The face looks so awkward with abnormal enlarged lips, and the people looking at you focus only on your lips as they look so improper. And then, a series of questions are put up to you about what was the reason for those swelled up lips.

It is not necessary that swelling in the lips will also cause pain but it is for sure that the situation becomes quite stressful and the face looks so scary. First thing should consider having consultation with good doctors which you can choose with available 1mg Coupons today.

So before the situation turns worse, here in this article, we will tell you about some of the home remedies that will neither cause any side effects nor will lead to any adverse reaction. Instead, it will heal your swelled lips to a great extent giving you plump and proper lips.

Swollen Lips Allergy

There are different forms of allergies which can lead to swollen lips. Here are some things that can lead to swollen lips allergy;

  1. Environmental allergies

This is a kind of swollen lips allergy that is often unavoidable. Symptoms include Hives, sneezing, eczema, wheezing, etc.

  1. Food allergies

This is a kind of swollen lips allergy which normally start once you consume anything you are allergic to. Food allergies can lead to wheezing, stomach pain, dizziness, facial swelling, Tongue swelling, etc.

  1. Angioedema: this is a condition which can lead to swelling or inflammation deep under your skin. The swelling is particularly common in your eyes or lips.
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4. Injuries: Any form of injury around your face (jaw or mouth) can result in swollen lips. Some commons cause of Injuries on your face are bites, cuts, burn, Lacerations, etc.

swollen lips, swollen lips allergy

Below are the home remedies for A Swollen Lips

  • Ice cubes- To try this home remedy you need 1 or 2 ice cubes and a soft cloth that is not rough to your skin. To apply this remedy, you need to wrap up the ice cubes in a soft towel and rub or gently press the ice cubes on your lips for about 8-10 minutes. Continue doing the same process again after 10 minutes. You can repeat the remedy after a few hours for the better This remedy is the simplest one and works because the ice cubes reduce the Edema and the amount of blood that flows through that affected area. Make sure that you don’t apply ice cubes directly to your lips as it may lead to soreness.


  • Warm water- For this remedy, you need some warm water and a washable soft cloth. To start this remedy, you need to soak the cloth in warm water and squeeze it to rinse off the excess water from the cloth now place the cloth on your lips for about 8-10 minutes. Repeat the same process after 1 hour to get the best results. This treatment is best for the ones who are also experiencing some pain in their swelled lips. Warm water leads to blood circulation; as a result, reducing the swelling from the lips.


  • Turmeric- For this remedy, you need turmeric powder, fuller’s earth powder and cold water. Mix all the three ingredients and make a smooth paste out of it. Mix it well and apply the paste on the affected area. Leave the paste until it dries up completely and when it dries up wash your lips with lukewarm water. To get the best results you need to repeat the process twice a day. The reason why these paste; works is that it contains turmeric powder which has an anti-inflammatory compound which reduces the swelling of lips. It is also rich in antiseptic and healing properties.
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  • Aloe vera- The safest and most reliable mode of curing the swelling in lips is making use of Aloe vera gel. Rather not only lips it can cure swelling in any part of the body. You only need one aloe Vera leaf for this remedy. You just need to do is take the Aloe Vera leaf and cut it from between, take out the gel-like pulp from the leak and apply it on your lips. Leave the gel on your lips for as long as you can bear it. Apply the gel twice a day. This process will not only reduce the swelling; also it will also make your lips pink and moisturised. Aloe Vera is the solution for most of your problems as this plant has all the necessary healing properties in it.


  • Honey- You only need a tablespoon of honey and a cotton ball. Dip a cotton ball in the honey and apply it directly to your lips leave the honey on your lips for 20 minutes and later on wash it off with some cold water. Use this method at least 2-3 times a day depending upon the swelling. Everyone knows that honey has anti-bacterial and healing properties and use of honey on the affected area can heal your lips very fast without causing any side effects. It soothes any irritation or itching that happens in lips due to swelling. Find some of the best Honey products available online with Patanjali Coupons today.

You can opt for any of the method stated above to treat swollen allergy. All the procedures will surely reduce any swelling or irritation occurring in your lips. The best part of using home remedies is that it does not cause any side effects.

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