How To Treat A burn blister that has popped, burn blister popped accidentally, Should I Pop My Burn Blister, popping a burn blister

How To Treat A Burn Blister That Has Popped

Apart from the pains, getting burns on your skin are not appealing, as it can disfigure your skin appearance and cause a wound; this wound when popped will develop into a burn blister.

Despite being careful, small or minor injuries such as Burns, Scrapes, and cuts are inevitable. These injuries are not so serious in most cases and might require only first aid treatment.

How To Treat A burn blister that has popped, burn blister popped accidentally, Should I Pop My Burn Blister, popping a burn blister

Among the typical daily injuries, burns need a little more attention and care than the other kinds of wounds. When an individual is faced with a burn blister that has popped, you must know what to do first; you need to determine how severe the wound is.

How Does A Burn Blister Occur?

The condition that leads to a burn blister occurs when the upper layer of the human skin separate or detaches itself from the lower skin After the skin gets burnt. There’s fluid present in the space between the skin layers leading to an Edema.

In this article, we will outline the different forms of skin burns, and it’s essential to know possible solutions to burn blister that has popped resulting from skin burn.

We can have:

  1. Burn blister on the skin
  2. Burn blister on lip
  3. Blister on the palm or finger
  4. Blister on the back of the heel and other parts of the body

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Different forms of Skin burns

As earlier said, skin burns lead to a blister. So below are various forms of skin burns that can develop to wound (blister).

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1. Friction – from wearing tight shoes

2. Flame burns – from fire

3. Chemical burns – Contact with chemicals, solvents, acids, or poisonous gases

4. Contact burns – from contacts like with hot metal, nylon or plastic

5. Scalding burns – from hot oils, hot coffee, hot liquids, or hot water

6. Ultraviolet burns – Sunburn

7. Electrical burns – from being struck by lightning or the skin being exposed to live wires

All these various forms of skin burns above are either classified as first, second, third, or fourth-degree burns. They can be painful, but the third degree and fourth-degree are the worst; they require instant medical attention. The first-degree burn is when you burn the top layer of your skin.

Should I Pop My Burn Blister?

A lot of time you might have asked yourself, “Should I Pop My Burn Blister ?”. We recommend never pop your burn blister yourself because it can lead to infection; Except burn blister popped accidentally or extremely painful or large. If at all, you want to pop a blister yourself, popping a burn blister with an Unsterilized object must be avoided.

How To Treat A burn blister that has popped, burn blister popped accidentally, Should I Pop My Burn Blister, popping a burn blister

When the fluid trapped in the skin layers isn’t drained or burst, treating burn blisters are easier. However, when a burn blister has popped, torn open or burst, it is painful, messy and will need extra care so as to prevent bacteria from accumulating in the area and this might lead to an infection.

There are some scenarios that might warrant popping a burn blister; when a blister is painful, large, or in an awkward spot. You will need to sterilize the needle with alcohol and water before using it.

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However, how do we care or treat a burn blister that has popped or even burn blister popped accidentally? Below are means we can treat blisters that have popped. Most blisters heal naturally after 3 to 7 days and do not require medical attention. However, some don’t heal on time except taken care of

How To Treat A burn blister that has popped.

Here are some measures you can take to treat burn blisters that has popped; which also involves preventing infections while the wound heals.

  1. Before Touching the spot, wash your hands thoroughly.

To prevent spreading of germs in the spot; it is recommended that you wash your hands with soap or disinfectant before touching the blister.

  1. Wash the area

Wash the affected spot with gentle soap with warm water.


a. Do not wash the area with hydrogen peroxide, alcohol or iodine as they will cause irritation

b. When cleaning the spot, do not scrub.

  1. Leave the skin to dry

Once you are done cleaning the area with soap and water, allow for a few minutes to dry.

  1. Remove the skin flap that remains

Skin flaps are dead layers which are visible after an injury. You need to smooth down the skin flaps or cut with sterilized scissors.

  1. Apply Antibiotic ointment to the area.

Applying antibiotic ointment to the spot will prevent the area from getting infected. You can use common ointments that contain Polymyxin B, Bacitracin.

  1. Cover the spot loosely with a gauze or sterile bandage.

For more massive blisters, the nonstick gauze pad should be used. Ensure the adhesive surface on the pad does not touch the blister not to cause any discomfort and then heal on time

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How To Treat A burn blister that has popped, burn blister popped accidentally, Should I Pop My Burn Blister, popping a burn blister

  1. If possible change bandage daily

You may need to change the gauze pad or bandage daily as it becomes soiled from the fluid of the blister or get wet. Before covering the spot with a new bandage, wash the place and apply antibiotic ointment.

When to see your Doctor

Consult your doctor if:

  1. You think it is infected like seeing pus in the spot
  2. They are very painful
  3. Doesn’t heal

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