What Is The Best Way to Shave Your Balls?

how to shave your balls, how to shave balls
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Why do guys want to shave their balls? Why shaving? Apart from the fuzz, Well, there are a lot of reasons, but mainly men want to show off their balls in full view and keep it clean. Shaving off your private part makes your manhood look 2 inches bigger.

If you have been trying to discover ways on how to shave your balls, there are few options these days that are not going to leave you in pain.

For beginners, with the help of clippers, scissors, or hair trimmer, the whole process is easier by trimming down hairs a bit. So, if you would like to know how to shave your balls effectively- keep reading.

Everything You Need to Shave Your Balls.

  1. Shaving cream or gel
  2. Razors
  3. Warm Water
  4. Shaver

how to shave your balls, how to shave balls

How to Shave Your Balls

here are some of the best ways on how to shave balls. They are;

  1. The use of depilatory cream or gel

Arrange yourself and proceed to the bathroom. It is better you first trim the longer hair, so to make work easier. Wash up the region with warm water thoroughly and lather it up with shaving cream or gel. The cream helps breaks down the hair, and then this makes it easy to scrape off.

After applying the shaving gel generously around balls and manhood, gently pull down your penis so that you can easier remove hairs in all areas. To get into the corners, pull your manhood down on either side and scrape off.

  1. Razors

Bear in mind that the skin around your genitals area is different from that of your face, as it is sensitive. You need to be very gentle with your razor. This method can be efficient; however, a cut can be very painful.

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To reach the region at the back of your balls, try pulling both penis and testicles up against your belly. You need to feel skin with fingers and then shave the spots that might have missed.

how to shave your balls, how to shave balls

  1. Waxing

Currently, Waxing method of shaving balls is becoming a thing lots of men are going for now. Although, it is a painful procedure which involves you spreading sticky substance (wax) over your private parts; allowing it to adhere to the body hair, and after which, you pull out the unwanted hair from the follicle.

  1. Using shaver

Finally, one of the best solutions on how to shave balls is to utilize a shaver which is built especially for this task.

The shaver should have one end for trimming down long hairs and also the other side for a close shave; this way, you can get the hair length you want and desire.

It will be advantageous if the shaver is rechargeable and waterproof.

how to shave your balls, how to shave balls

While shaving your balls always concentrate on what you are doing. Avoid any distraction to prevent any unwelcomed accidents.

While shaving, ensure you shave your lap areas to avoid those ugly-looking pubic hair from sticking out of your underwear (trunk).

What Are The Advantages of Shaving Your Balls?

These are some advantages of shaving your balls. They are;

  1. When you shave, it makes your manhood look bigger. Without your pubic hair, your manhood looks 2 inches bigger.
  2. When you cut, it makes your private part more erotic which you and your partner can share.
  3. A clean crotch or lap makes an inviting manhood
  4. It prevents smell from your groin area; prevent smelly balls
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Important Note:

After shaving your testicles rinse off the area with a fresh, soothing body lotion. Also, you can use body scrubs to get rid off dead skin cells, which causes itching around your balls.

Dry off the shaved area by patting around with a clean towel and ensure you wear good boxers or trunks for proper ventilation to relieve any itching. Use any of this tips on how to shave balls effectively.

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