What Are The Best Bicep Exercises For Building Muscle?

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All men desire a bigger biceps. Bicep workouts are the most crucial workout for a lot of people. The biceps are among the vital muscles in our body. The appearance of your biceps shows if your exercise routine is actually working for you or not.

Some bicep workouts work better than the others. These exercises work your biceps muscles, build size and strength faster.

It is important to remember, to perform different movement and also mix up your workouts when you work the biceps; so that you receive the maximum benefits from the exercises and training.

Biceps is also a factor of masculinity. There are numerous exercises that can help to put your bicep in good shape and make you fit. However, the best bicep exercises get the best result faster.

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Things you need to know about the best Bicep Exercises

  1. They stimulate the muscles

The right stimulation is what the biceps need to be in shape and to grow. Only the best workouts for your biceps will provide the required stimulation

  1. They target the whole upper body

The best bicep workouts target the upper body. You do not necessarily have to perform exercises that target these muscle mass directly if you want to build your biceps. Because those exercise plan that put heavy pressure on your biceps will end up destroying what needed to be built.

  1. They don’t lead to injury.

It is very easy to destroy your muscles if you are carrying out the wrong exercise plan. Damaged tissues take time to heal.

You must avoid complicated exercises if you want an excellent bicep workout. Although bicep workouts come with some pain, if the pain is severe, then you need to quit such an exercise.

  1. Curls are among the best bicep exercises

If you take your precious time to read through types of biceps workouts, you will discover that curls are on the top list; barbell curls or dumbbell curls.

Luckily, these exercises are not difficult to do as people assume and if you’re serious about your biceps, you can’t avoid them.

In this article, we will discuss the most effective biceps exercises. These exercises are both for men and women.

What Are The Best Bicep Workouts For Muscles Blast?.

  1. Hammer Curls.

The hammer curl hits the outer head of the forearms and the biceps. This workout works your biceps, and also your forearms.

hammer curls

How to do Hammer Curl

  • . Grab 2 dumbbells, hold them while your palms are facing your body.
  • .Enusre your arms are straight, and your elbows are by your sides
  • . Begin with the right arm.
  • . Then lift the dumbbell, ensure when lifting it reaches your shoulder level.
  • . Keep your palms facing your body while raising the dumbbell
  • . Repeat the steps above for the left arm and alternate back and forth.
  1. Preacher Curls
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This workout will hit the peak of the bicep. This is one of my favourite which doesn’t require much explanation. To perform this exercise, you need to have a specialized preacher bench and an EZ-curl bar.

preacher curls, bicep workouts

How to do Preacher Curls

  • . You need to sit on the preacher curls bench.
  • . Make sure you adjust the weight on the weight stack to a convenient, comfortable, but a resistance weight
  • . Place your arms on the pad in front of you, and then grab the EZ-bar with your palms facing the ceiling.
  • . Your back will be straight, while your feet will be about shoulder-width apart.
  • . Maintain your elbow as you lift the handle and exhale as you curl the EZ-bar and inhale as you lower the bar.
  • . Stretch your biceps in-between the workout.
  • . You need to squeeze your biceps at the top of the moments and stretch at the bottoms of the motion.

I recommend you keep the rep count higher on preacher curls as I see better outcomes with higher reps.

  1. Zottman Curls

One of the perfect bicep exercises is the Zottman Curl. When you add this exercise to your workouts, it will blast your bicep muscle mass faster.

When you add Zottman Curl into your workout routine; it will work the inner and outer biceps and the forearms at the same time. You can perform this exercise by either on an incline bench or by standing.

zottman curls

How to do Zottman Curl

  • . From a standing position, hold 2 dumbbells at arm’s length. While you keep your elbows close to your body.
  • . Face your palms upward and then curl both dumbbells up towards your shoulder.
  • . When you reach the top, then rotate your wrists so that your palms will be facing  straight down
  • . Pause for some time, and return to the starting position and repeat.

Note: Always keep your arms against your sides. Curl the weight to shoulder height so that elbows are pointing back and your palms are facing your shoulder. Uncurl your arms while inhaling so that your palms are facing backward and your arms extended at your side.

  1. Chin Ups-Close Grip or wide Grip Exercise
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This will hit the overall mass and size of the biceps; for wide grip, it will hit the inner biceps more, and the close grip will hit the outer head of biceps more. Also, this exercise will hit the back muscles too.

chin up

How to do Chin Ups-Close Grip or wide Grip

  • . Make use of a straight bar (chin-up bars) which can be reached from a standing position easily
  • . Place your hands on this bar with your palms facing your direction.
  • . Your hands should be close so that they are on either side of your chin.
  • . Then lift your body. If that’s not enough, you can cross your legs and place a dumbbell between your ankles.
  • . Ensure your chin gets over the bar at least a few times when you chin up.
  • . Keep your elbows at your side too.
  1. Standing Barbell Curl

Standing Barbell Curl exercise will hit the overall size of the biceps.

Standing Barbell Curl

How to do Standing Barbell Curl

  • . Pick up a barbell, with an appropriate weight.
  • . Keep it at waist height and your palms facing upward position
  • . Let your hands be on shoulder-width apart and your elbow at your side.
  • . Curl the barbell forward while contracting your biceps. Only your forearms should move as you breath out.
  • . Continue the motion until your biceps are completely contracted, squeeze the biceps hard, and hold the contracted position for few seconds.
  • . Repeat for the recommended number of reps.
  1. High Cable Curls

These bicep workouts will hit the peak of the biceps

High Cable Curls

How to do High Cable Curls

  • . Lay on a bench with the pulleys above your head.
  • . The grab the pulleys with each hand, while your arms are extended straight above your head.
  • . Ensure your palms are facing you.
  • . Pull the cable bar toward your face; as you exhale. Now, your biceps should be fully contracted.
  • . stretch your arms back to the starting position as you inhale.
  1. Alternating Rotating Dumbbell Curl

This curl is a simple exercise to do; it will hit the entire biceps muscle.

Alternating Rotating Dumbbell Curl

How to do Alternating Rotating Dumbbell Curl

  • . Pick up 2 dumbbells
  • . Place the 2 dumbbells on each hand and your arms straight at your side. Your palms should be facing your body while your elbows should be tucked
  • . Start with your right hand, and curl the dumbbell to shoulder level.
  • . As you curl up and reach the top, rotate the dumbbell so that your palm is facing in the direction of your head.
  • . Again Rotate the dumbbell so that your palm is facing your body as your uncurl your arm.
  • . Now do the same process in the left hand and alternate back and forth.
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What Are The Bicep Workouts Mistakes?

In bicep exercises, few things are crucial, and they will help you in avoiding injuries or overtraining. They are:

  1. A wrong number of reps.

The biceps are sensitive to exercises, and then lots of people want to build muscle. They make a mistake of doing too many reps.

We recommend you only do between 6 and 8 reps for each set for biceps. The essential thing here is to concentrate on finishing your sets, living no stone unturned.

  1. Too many sets.

Because doing many sets on biceps is a bit easy, I find out that a lot of people try to get 12 sets or more for their bicep workouts. And doing this will likely cause you problem as you might not do any sets to failure.

It is best to do 2 sets of 2 exercises each though to failure.

  1. Missing the peak contraction.

The peak contraction is significant at every good rep. At the peak of each rep ensure you tighten up a bit so that it is tighter before you lower your rep down.

Lots of people are fighting to get their reps, and they are completely missing what makes the difference between a bad rep and a good rep.

  1. Doing back and biceps together.

Majority of the back exercises work the biceps alot. So, you need to ensure that you’re doing your back workout first before biceps.

Back exercises like lat pulldowns will help your warm-up your biceps; so this will ensure you do not do any more warm-up or making your biceps tired unnecessarily.

How Can You Get More from The Bicep Workouts?.

Ensure you follow these top tips and also guidance from your trainer. Ensure you’re maximizing every set and rep and do them correctly. Also, it is vital you rest at least 2 minutes between sets for your muscles to recover fully.

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