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Using Electronic Cigarettes to Quit Smoking

Using Electronic Cigarettes to Quit Smoking
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Quitting smoking tobacco cigarettes is considered quite hard to accomplish and requires a lot of determination. Those who try to stop face withdrawal symptoms, and the urge to smoke may be too much, forcing them to go back to their previous habits. The effects can even get so bad that they cause both psychological and physical addiction.

Though some people might be successful with quitting by going cold turkey, many find it hard and may require professional help and the use of nicotine replacements in the form of nasal spray, patches, and gum.

Using Electronic Cigarettes to Quit Smoking

Although nicotine replacement therapy is considered effective, the use of e-cigarettes, also known as vapes, has become more popular with people struggling to quit smoking. In fact, over 3.2 million adults are estimated to use e-cigarettes in Great Britain alone.

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A study funded by Cancer Research UK found that the rate of smokers quitting tobacco cigarettes increased with the number of people using e-cigarettes. This study shows that vaping is quite successful in aiding those who are quitting tobacco cigarette smoking.

Vaping is considered less harmful compared to smoking tobacco and is quite practical in helping people to stop smoking. Visit ePuffer if you are thinking about purchasing or using an e-cigarette.

Below are answers to questions you might have about using electronic cigarettes while quitting smoking.

What are vapes and e-cigarettes?

Electric cigarettes are battery-operated devices that enable you to inhale vaporized non-nicotine solutions. They provide sensations that are similar to inhaling tobacco smoke.

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How does vaping work?

The liquid inside of an e-cigarette, which is known as e-liquid, contains flavouring, propylene glycol, and sometime glycerine. The e-liquid is heated into vapor or mist once you inhale from the e-cigarette. You should note that the vapor inhaled does not contain tobacco or produce any tar or carbon monoxide.


Are There Different Types of Electronic Cigarettes?

E-cigarettes can be found in different varieties and types.

Vape pens

These are e-cigarettes shaped like a small tube or pen and come with a replaceable e-liquid tank and coils.


Cigalikes have the same look as regular tobacco cigarettes and come with small batteries that can be recharged or disposed of after use.

Electronic Cigarettes

Pod systems

Pod systems are devices shaped like a USB stick that are rechargeable. They mostly use refillable or pre-filled e-liquid pods.


Mods are considered as the largest vaping devices and come in varied shapes and sizes. They are equipped with longer-lasting rechargeable batteries and have a refillable tank.

How to Decide What Type is Right for You

Choosing a type of electric cigarette to use mainly depends on your inclination. Pod systems, vape pens, and mods are ideal for those who consider themselves heavy smokers while a cigalike will work well if you are a light smoker.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safer Than Tobacco Cigarettes?

Although E-cigarettes are considered safer than regular tobacco cigarettes, they are not entirely risk-free. Some harmful chemicals may also be present in e-cigarettes, but at much lower levels.


A combination of using electronic cigarettes and visiting Stop Smoking Services has helped thousands of people to stop smoking. To get the full benefits from vaping, you should stop smoking tobacco cigarettes completely.

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