How Does Exercise Affect Sleep?, Best Exercises for Sleep

How Does Exercise Affect Sleep?

The benefits of working out seem to be endless. It reduces stress, boosts health and concentration, and improves your sleep pattern and quality. However, there isn’t a single or a set of particular exercises that will enhance sleep, but there are certain activities that can help you sleep better.


Sleep deprivation is a huge problem in modern society and accounts for several health problems. Long working hours and sleeping late at night have disturbed our schedules and body clocks that affect not only our sleep but our food habits as well. The average age of people suffering from heart problems has decreased drastically; exercising regularly is the only solution.

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Workout Time to Maximize Sleep

  1. Morning workout

There is nothing better than a morning workout to stay consistent. Rising early and sweating it out helps you focus on your workout as opposed to bothering yourself over the events of the day in front of you. That’s not all though; a morning workout aids deeper sleep at night.

How Does Exercise Affect Sleep?, Best Exercises for Sleep

Those who begin their morning workout before 7 A.M. have deeper sleep cycles, and 3/4th of their sleep time is spent in repairing stages of slumber as compared to those who work out later in the day. Morning workout benefits include getting the daily sun, which improves sleeping and waking cycle.

  1. Afternoon workout
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The afternoon may not be the ideal time to exercise, but it is almost as good as a morning workout if you can manage to do it. Working out in the afternoon improves performance and sleep. The body is 1-2 degrees warmers than when you wake up, which allows your muscles to work more efficiently. As a result, the risk of injuries is lower, and you can perform complex tasks more efficiently.

How Does Exercise Affect Sleep?, Best Exercises for Sleep

The benefits of aerobic exercise during an afternoon workout include overcoming insomnia, falling asleep quicker, and a night of deep sleep. Exercise raises the body temperature for 4-5 hours, after which your body starts going into a sleep mode.

  1. Nighttime workout

It is best for people to avoid an intense workout during late evening or before going to bed. Therefore, it is not the best idea to go for a HIIT workout session at 9 P.M. High-intensity workouts raise the body temperature and make it difficult for you to fall asleep. It is better to go for a yoga class or stretch before going to bed to unwind and get a good night’s sleep.

How Does Exercise Affect Sleep?, Best Exercises for Sleep

However, it may be noted that nighttime workouts do not interfere with everyone’s sleep. Therefore, if working out late at night doesn’t affect your routine, then carry on.

Best Exercises for Sleep

  1. Cardio or Aerobics

Anything that increases your heart rate like cycling, swimming, running, or even brisk walking helps improves sleep and helps fight insomnia. Any cardio or aerobic exercise for just 10 minutes each day can help you sleep better. Experts suggest getting at least 02:30 hours of moderate-intensity exercise or 01:15 hours of high-intensity activities each week.

  1. Strength Training
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Also known as weight training, studies suggest that it improves the quality of sleep. The high-intensity workout helps you fall asleep faster in addition to promoting deep sleep, which means that you’re likely to wake up less frequently throughout the night.

How Does Exercise Affect Sleep?, Best Exercises for Sleep

Exercises like bicep curls, triceps dips, squats, lunges, calf raises, push-ups, sit-ups, shoulder press, among many others increase your strength. The energy expended in a strength-training workout makes you want to rest well since the body needs to repair the broken muscle tissues.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise; the asanas relax as well as stretch the body. The breathing exercises calm the body and mind that relieves all the stress, which is essential for falling asleep.

Best Exercises for Sleep

Stress has been found to cause insomnia, and those who practice yoga regularly for up to 8 weeks are likely to fall asleep faster as compared to those who don’t. Additionally, it increases the amount of time spent sleeping.

It is essential to understand that too much exercise is not suitable for sleeping either. Over-training is quite common, and a lot of people end up spending time on social media or doing other things while in bed because they can’t sleep. Research suggests that the first effect of over-training is insomnia. Therefore, consult your trainer to know just how much exercise you need each day.


Having trouble falling asleep? You must consider the benefits of exercise for better sleep. Find out the best exercises for sleep and the best time to workout.

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