5 Common Myths and Misconceptions About Coronavirus

Coronavirus headlines began appearing all over the world in 2020. This is a new virus and the main reason for such hype is its unexpected speed of transmission. Coronavirus was first found in Wuhan, China, at the end of December 2019 and has already traveled to the United States, Philippines, and Italy.

The official name for this virus is COVID-19. According to a recent study, more than thousands of people have been infected and more than 3,000 people have already died.


However, despite a global panic in the news, there are minimal chances of getting infected by this virus unless a person has been in close contact with a person who was diagnosed with this condition or if you have traveled to China in the last 30 days.

Due to its enormous hype, there are a number of myths floating across the whole globe. Thus, the following section of this article focuses on depicting the most common ones and they are as follows:

Myths About Coronavirus

1.  Pets are prone to catching and spreading the coronavirus

It might sound ridiculous, but there are breathing masks for dogs and cats. A manufacturer producing these types of masks stated that they identified a dramatic increase in sales of these masks in places where the coronavirus has been confirmed in recent weeks.

There are even pictures on the Internet of dogs and cats wearing these breathing masks in public.

Specialists say that it is true that cats, dogs, and the majority of species have their kinds of coronavirus, but those are not human pathogens.

They claim that there is no need to put a mask on your pet. Apart from that, the WHO, which stands for the World Health Organization, states that there are no proves that coronavirus is able to affect animals, like dogs and cats.

2.  Drinking miracle mineral solution will protect you from coronavirus

Some social media users have touted Miracle Mineral Solution for being a remedy for everything starting from autism to HIV.

Experts say that there is no evidence of a miracle mineral solution being able to kill COVID-19. Specialists emphasize on the fact that purchasing and drinking a strange beverage will not prevent from getting infected.

The beverage mentioned above might even have a negative effect. This is because of the chlorite contained in the Miracle Mineral Solution. It turns into bleach when mixed with citric acid.

Therefore, you might end up with esophageal pathology if you drink diluted bleach. You should keep in mind that this virus infects people through respiratory cells and not through a gastrointestinal system.

3.  Antibiotics can prevent and treat coronavirus

Most probably, you have some antibiotics that hang around your medicine cabinet. A lot of people think that they can be used if any symptoms of this virus appear.

However, CDC, which stands for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, states that antibiotics are only able to treat bacterial infections and not the virus-like coronavirus. In addition to that, antibiotics will not help in preventing.

Face masks can protect you from the virus…



Experts claim that standard face masks or surgical masks do not have the ability to prevent a person from the virus. They are designed to block out viral particles and do not lay flush to the face. It should be said that face masks are mainly designed to help prevent infected people from spreading the virus further.

4.  It is easy to get infected by this virus

A lot of people have a misconception that it is very easy to get infected by a coronavirus. However, this is not necessarily true. Currently, the R0, which stands for the basic reproduction number, of COVID-19 is estimated at approximately 2.2.

It means that a single infected person can infect around 2.2 others. When we consider this measurement and apply it to the flu, the R0 is 1.3. You should keep in mind that there is no vaccine to prevent COVID-19.

5.  Coronavirus equal death

This is also not necessarily true. According to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 81 percent of people who were diagnosed with coronavirus have mild cases of it, and only 13.8 percent encounter severe illness.

It means that these people experience shortness of breath and require supplemental oxygen. Only 4.7 percent of all infected people by a coronavirus encounter critical condition meaning that they face respiratory failure, multi-organ failure shock, and septic shock.

The data provided by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows that only 2.3 percent of people infected by COVID-19 die from this virus.


It is also worth mentioning that severe disease complications are observed in people who are older or have underlying health conditions. Currently, there is no need to panic; people just have to take prevention steps.

It should be also said that this is still a new virus and specialists learn new things about it every day. Experts say that coronavirus might not cause any initial symptoms, and it can be carried for two days and up to two weeks. However, doctors have still determined some symptoms of coronavirus, and they are as follows:

  • Short of breath
  • Cough that continues for several days and gets worse over time (in some cases, cough can lead to back pain; how to relieve Back pain)
  • Fever that increases gradually

Do not forget that this is a new virus, and the complete list of symptoms is still to be investigated. However, if you experience any of the symptoms above or if you have traveled to China in the past 30 days or have been in contact with a person infected by COVID-19 you should immediately get in contact with your primary physician.

A lot of people are wondering what could be the prevention methods for this virus. Experts say that currently, the best way to stay away from COVID-19 is to eliminate any contact with people who were diagnosed with it. It is also highly recommended to avoid traveling to China until the virus stops its existence.

Coronavirus Prevention Techniques

Another effective way for coronavirus prevention is practicing proper hygiene. Therefore, it is advised to make use of the following recommendations:

  • You need to wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds at a time with warm water and soap
  • You need to avoid touching your face, eyes, and mouth when your hands are dirty
  • You need to stay at home if you feel sick or experience any flu or cold symptoms
  • You need to remember to cover the face with the inside elbow every time you cough and sneeze. You should also throw away any tissues that were used for blowing the nose or sneezing right away
  • You need to clean and disinfect any objects that you touch including your phone, computer, door handles, dishwashers and so on

Once again, if you have been in contact with someone who was diagnosed with coronavirus or if you have traveled to China in the last 14 days, schedule a consultation with your primary care physician. He/she will be able to tell you whether any further actions need to be taken and whether any tests on coronavirus need to be taken.

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